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Patricia García - October 9, 2017. 10:16
imagen blog en

Photo: Niklaus Spoerri

The Pool proposal is about demonstrating that sustainable construction is not based on complying with the existing regulations on the thickness of the facades –targeting primarily single-family dwellings– but on incorporating sustainable values into the entire design: from intensive land use and the use of recycled materials to the conception of the form, in this case the point-block with its reduced .

Patricia García - September 4, 2017. 08:40
imagen blog en

Photo: Johannes Marburg

This volume by Duplex Architekten is characterized for its shared housing programme. The floor plan type clearly differentiates the communal cooking and rest spaces, which are open, from the private spaces, bunched around closed volumes.

It forms part of the proposal for a compact dense city of (more...)

Patricia García - July 6, 2017. 10:19
imagen blog en

Photo: Roger Frei

Hunziker Areal is a proposal for a compact dense city whose aim is to reduce energy consumption per person to 2,000 watts per hour –48 kilowatts per day– (average Swiss consumption in 2014 stood at 6,500 watts). The point-block pattern, a form which is very characteristic of Swiss urban planning, is used, its precursor being the Roman palazzina of the post-war period. The point-block allows for a depth of floor plan in accordance with sustainable goals, as the surface to volume ra.

Patricia García - June 12, 2017. 12:28
imagen blog en

Photo: Roger Frei

The master plan proposes the re-purposing of this former brownfield area, located on the outskirts of Zurich, using a urban block typology which combines different build heights. This height diversity is a result of the need to provide several dwelling typologies: row maisonettes, rooftop apartments, high-rise dwellings and live/work units. The urban block by EM2N runs along the perimeter creating a retail street on south and west facades.




Patricia García - May 29, 2017. 09:37
imagen blog en

Photo: Georg Aerni

The urban plan designed by KCAP for Europaallée Quartier, into which this mixed use building by Caruso St John and Bosshard Vaquer is inserted, is made up of closed blocks which paradoxically allow for a large degree of permeability due to the public space running through all the buildings and the formalization of the elements incorporated. The voids and setbacks preserve views of the city despite the massiveness of the volumes. Heights are balanced by combining two typologies.

Patricia García - April 25, 2017. 09:17
imagen blog en

Photo: Rasmus Norlander

This collective housing project occupies a long narrow urban block at the heart of a predominantly residential district close to the lake in south Zurich. Given the low intensity occupation of the territory, typical of semi-urban grids, with mostly detached single-family constructions, E2A proposes the compact construction of blocks in order to increase density and to reinv.

Patricia García - January 21, 2016. 08:00
imagen blog

The work on the cornerpiece completes a series of three buildings which were combined to create the headquarters of the engineering firm Ernst Basler AG. The action of the architects E2A is based on creating a circulation core, which is located at the centre of the floor plan, extending the floor plan out into the interior garden and establishing connections between the new elements and the other buildings. The main street facade remains intact, with the office building’s familiar rec.

Patricia García - January 11, 2016. 08:00
imagen blog

The block is inserted into the Europaallee Quarter urban plan, which is being developed in the former railway lots close to Zürich city centre. The four-volume complex, designed by three architecture practices: Max Dudler, Gigon / Guyer Architekten and David Chipperfield Architects, is mainly for administration purposes. It also includes a retail ground floor and a public open courtyard which may be accessed from all four facades. The unique feature of dividing up the plo.

Patricia García - December 28, 2015. 10:00
imagen blog

‘Europaallee’, the area around Zurich’s main railway station, is a key development site owing to its central position and excellent accessibility. In the masterplan by the architects KCAP, the morphology and block structure of the surrounding city is elaborated in order to insert the new development into its surroundings in a natural way. Construction envelopes have been established for the new blocks, with basic rules for maximum dimensions, penetration of daylight and sightlines. This establishes a sustainable structure that can be filled in gradually, responding to current programmatic demands, architectural tastes and market developments.

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