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Aurora Fernández Per - November 27, 2023. 11:20
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BEFORE IS BEFORE explains the design and construction of public space and landscape through a catalog of strategies and actions. It is not a set of universal recipes. They are case studies that show, in a quick and simple way, the 'modus operandi' of the authors.

Aurora Fernández Per and Javier Mozas, founders of a+t research group, consider that strategies are the foundations on which any project proposal is built. In them are the latencies that will allow the development and solve the contingencies of the project.
Choosing a set of strategies means defining the rules of the game, picking the working tools and designing actions, which are grouped into three categories: environmental, operational and aesthetic.

Environmental strategies are aimed at improving the natural environment in which a project is located.
They manage water resources, energy sources and the ecosystems present.
They regenerate degraded ecosystems.
They integrate the existing by recycling or reusing.
They raise environmental awareness.

Operational strategies deal with the functioning and use of space.
They activate the latencies of the place with respect to its environment.
They anticipate usability by managing materials and systems.
They anticipate responsiveness to risks or new experiences.
Facilitate user participation in design and management.

Aesthetic strategies provide the transcendent value of beauty.
They contain formal resources that generate global designs.
They uncover the beautification capabilities of place.
They create stories, atmospheres and alterations of perception.
They build the author's space of freedom.

Patricia García - October 24, 2019. 10:00
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The STRATEGY series of the a + t magazine began in 2010 with the aim of highlighting and naming the strategies and actions present in the landscape urbanism and public space projects.

It consists of four volumes (584 pages) and contains 374 different project actions, classified as derived from environmental, socio-economic or aest.

Aurora Fernández Per - September 23, 2019. 10:33
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a + t publishes the fifth volume of the series STRATEGY, dedicated to Urban Parks in different continents.

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