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Density is Home. Projects index

June 17, 2011

Density is Home. Projects index

Density is Homeechoes the types of city -dispersed, expansive, modern, the core of the city and the recycled city- through 37 projects on collective housing

1. Brendeland & Kristoffersen. Svalbard Housing. Longyearbyen. Norway

2. EM2N. Rosenberg Conversion. Winterthur. Switzerland

3. B612. Dolez. Brussels. Belgium

4. Chiba Manabu. Stitch. Tokyo. Japan

5. Guidotti. Rosa Housing. Monte Carasso. Switzerland

6. MGM. Monte Hacho Housing. Ceuta. Spain

7. Batlle i Roig. Vilamarina Housing and Shopping Centre. Viladecans. Spain

8. Moriko Kira. IJburg Blok 65b. Amsterdam. The Netherlands

9. Rueda Pizarro. 64 social Housing units. Madrid. Spain

10. BIG. 8 House. Copenhagen. Denmark

11. Aires Mateus. Housing for the elderly. Alcácer do Sal. Portugal

12. Serrat, Egea, García. Can Travi Elderly Housing. Barcelona. Spain

13. S333. Arch Street. London. United Kingdom

14. S333. Block 3, Tarling East. London. United Kingdom

15. Kempe Thill. Atriumtower Hiphouse. Zwolle. The Netherlands

16. Wiel Arets. 4 Towers Osdorp. Amsterdam. The Netherlands

17. Kempe Thill. Urban renewal europarei. Uithoorn. The Netherlands

18. Lion, Lapierre, Gap, Berim. Square des Sports. Gonesse. France

19. Druot, Lacaton & Vassal. Tour Bois le Pretre. Paris. France

20. Pampols. 19 Youth Housing. Lleida. Spain

21. Alberola, Díaz-Mauriño, Martorell. Vara de Rey. Martorell. Spain

22. Colomès Nomdedeu. Student Housing. Troyes. France

23. Moussafir/Katz/Tachon. Emile Chaîne Area Regeneration. Paris. France

24. Toa. Housign, sports hall and community gardens. Paris. France

25. X-TU. Duploye housing. Paris. France

26. Jordi Garcés. Non-conventional Housing. Barcelona. Spain

27. Bogdan & Van Broeck / VBM. The Maltery. Leuven. Belgium

28. Marlies Rohmer. Neighbourhood Factory. Amsterdam. The Netherlands

29. VA Studio. MD housing. Vila Nova de Gaia. Portugal

30. Victor López Cotelo. Caramoniña Housing.  Santiago de Compostela. Spain

31. Arch. Workshop. Klarheit. Tokyo. Japan

32. Edouard François. Coming out. Grenoble. France

33. Zigzag. Vivazz. Mieres. Spain

34. Hamonic + Masson. Docks Dombasles.  Le Havre. France

35. Nicolas Michelin. Grand Large-Neptune. Dunkirk. France

36. EE/ECDM/MG/PG/MVRDV. Le Monolithe. Lyon. France

37. Diener & Diener/MCBAD/Paillard. Zac Seguin Housing. Boulogne Billancourt. France





Density is Home. Types of city (5)
Density is Home. Types of city (5)
Density is Home. Types of city (4)
Density is Home. Types of city (4)
Density is Home. Types of city (3)
Density is Home. Types of city (3)
Density is Home. Types of city (2)
Density is Home. Types of city (2)
Density is Home. Types of city (1)
Density is Home. Types of city (1)
Density is Home. Density and Desire
Density is Home. Density and Desire
Density is Home
Density is Home


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