The Pack Blocks and Plans

The Pack Blocks and Plans

50 Urban Blocks + 50 Housing Floor Plans. a+t cards

Density Series

a+t research group

55 + 55 cards (13x8 cm / 5x3 in)

English / Español

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The Pack Blocks and Plans consists of two decks of flash cards: 50 Urban Blocks and 50 Housing Floor Plans.
It is part of a + t research group Density series, which promotes the compact city and desirable housing.
50 Urban Blocks is a set of cards that contains 50 examples of how to design an city block, organize spaces and, ultimately, build the city.

Each card proposes a possible urban form with measurements and data of Floor Area Ratio and Coverage. The units are in feet and metres.

50 Housing Floor Plans is a collection of 50 recent housing projects (2000-2017) of different sizes and shapes (Z-shape, Butterfly, Spine, Empty Circle, Cactus ...).

Each of the cards shows a floor plan on the front and an enlarged housing unit on the back.

a+t research group analyses all of the projects in terms of Privacy and Exterior-ness, the two behaviours which best define the desirable dwelling.

The pack of two decks, Blocks and Plans, now more affordable in print and online.


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