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10 Stories of Collective Housing

10 Stories of Collective Housing

Graphical analysis of inspiring masterpieces

ISBN 978-84-616-4136-9

a+t research group

Soft cover (17 x 23.5)

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496 Pages

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a+t research group has conducted an analysis of ten inspiring masterpieces through drawings and texts highlighting the most important contributions made by each of the architects towards developing desirable housing. The book recognizes masters such as Ignazio Gardella, Jean Renaudie, Ralph Erskine and Fumihiko Maki, among others, who defended their own personal vision of architecture, a far reach from dogmatism and closer to users. Each story is a journey through multiple possible links which relate the project with works that preceded it, set it against those of its generation and match it up with recent 21st century designs.

This is neither a canonical list of buildings nor the top ten of collective housing. They were chosen as one chooses one’s friends. Faults and all, they make everything worthwhile.



01 The street in the air
Justus van Effen Complex. Michiel Brinkman
Rotterdam, 1919-1922

02 The sinking of the social condenser
Narkomfin Dom-Kommuna. Moisei Ginzburg, Ignaty Milinis
Moscow, 1928-1932

03 Cheaper, faster, lighter and taller
Cité de la Muette. Beaudouin, Lods, Mopin, Bodiansky
Paris, 1931-1934

04 The elegance of the dissident
Housing for Borsalino employees. Ignazio Gardella
Alessandria, 1948-1952

05 The project as script
Multi-purpose complex in Corso Italia. Luigi Moretti
Milan, 1949-1956

06 An exquisite ghetto
Barbican. Peter Chamberlin, Geoffry Powell, Christof Bon, Arup
London, 1956-1976

07 Cristal liquide
Résidence du Point du Jour. Fernand Pouillon
Paris, 1957-1963

08 Slow city
Hillside Terrace. Fumihiko Maki
Tokyo, 1967-1998

09 Building moods
Byker regeneration. Ralph Erskine
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1969-1982

10 My terrace, in front of my house, over yours
Jeanne Hachette Complex. Jean Renaudie
Paris, 1970-1975

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"It really sets a completely new standard in architectural publications. On reading I had to admit (excessively too!) that it really seems almost the perfect architecture book". Florian Heilmeyer, Uncube magazine

"A superlative example of how well-organized and stunning graphics can allow for comparisons between projects". Richard Dattner, Architectural Record

“A reference work in its field, which is beautifully produced”. Édith Hallauer, L’ Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

“A must-have”, “a really cracker book”. Stuart Harrison, The Architects radio

"Impressive documentation of near-forgotten master works from last century". Baumeister

“Spanish publishers a+t have authored a unique work: an invitation to revisit ten masterpieces of collective housing, with an updated graphic format”. Tracés magazine

“What helps make 10 Stories so good is the selection of projects, which is not nearly as obvious as it could have been”. John Hill, A Daily Dose of Architecture

“A heady blend of architectural criticism and ideology". Michael Holt, Architectural Review (Asia Pacific)

“10 Stories of Collective Housing brings together different information to show the many aspects of density. The authors offer new perceptions of the design principles applied in the projects they have analysed. A must-have book”. Daniel Kurz, Werk, Bauen+Wohnen magazine

“An important testimony of how our conceptions of the good life is foundational for architecture and in turn how architecture creates possibilities and limitations for life to unfold”. Jesper Pagh, Arkitekten

“Manual for acquiring a general view of issues surrounding residencial architecture”. Arquitectura Viva 157

“Moreover, what helps us to understand these architectural stories is the fact they enlighten us with their spotlight on the social and political events of the time, giving us the full picture”. Marta Rodríguez Bosch, La Vanguardia newspaper

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