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Patricia García - November 30, 2017. 12:41
imagen blog en

Urban-Think Tank. Fábrica de Cultura: BAQ. Barranquilla (Colombia), 2013-2017

The hybrid building

Our interest in this type of project is based on land consumption. The disperse city is the underlying reason for a significant part of the damage being done to the planet. Not only does it increase emissions as a result of individualized transport and consumption but it also undermines social cohesion and opportunities for social interaction, even in an environment like the present where seemingly everything takes place in the cloud.

The (more...)

Patricia García - January 11, 2017. 09:00
imagen blog en

Park Hill by Jack Lynn, Ivor Smith, Lewis Womersley. Sheffield. United Kingdom, 1959-1961

Patricia García - November 14, 2014. 08:40
imagen blog

The linear city rather than the intense city was the object of this ambitious project for social housing, heir to Le Corbusier planning. The desire to solve urban growth with one single self-sufficient action led to a paralysing programme. The complex was never finished and many of the facilities were never built. Its isolation from the real city, the contrast with the scale of the surrounding fabric and the situation of illegality which meant the work was abandoned before completion all.

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