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Complex Buildings: Mixers.
De Smet Vermeulen. Linker Oever Intergenerational Project (IGLO)

Project published in a+t 48 Generators, Linkers, Mixers & Storytellers

August 08, 2017

Complex Buildings: Mixers. <br>De Smet Vermeulen. Linker Oever Intergenerational Project (IGLO)<br>

Photo: Filip Dujardin

Mixers are complex buildings loaded with stimulating uses which, when inserted into a rundown urban fabric, mix up the entire organism and exert an influence which goes far beyond their physical scope and which manages to exponentially revitalize the whole built environment.

In the Linkeroever (left bank) residential area there is a clear dividing line between the garden suburb and the high-rise estate. For the Linker Oever Intergenerational Project (IGLO), on a plot within the highrise section, the Technum urban designers teamed up with three architectural firms (De Smet Vermeulen architecten, architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu and Tom Thys architecten) to produce a simple master plan.

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New a+t issue: Generators, Linkers, Mixers & Storytellers
New a+t issue: Generators, Linkers, Mixers & Storytellers


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