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Generators, Linkers, Mixers & Storytellers


Generators, Linkers, Mixers & Storytellers

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ISSN 1132-6409

ISBN 978-84-697-3261-8


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sample-online-versionIn the 1990s the military began to use the acronym V.U.C.A. (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) to describe the dynamic and incredibly complex nature of modern warfare. Since then, the only constant has been an ever-increasing degree of complexity.

Complex Buildings series of a+t magazine identifies different conditions of complexity within architecture. Through classic and contemporary projects grouped into four blocks - Generators, Linkers, Mixers and Storytellers - a+t proposes complexity as a positive concept in the design process. The buildings selected are not evidently complex but essentially complex.


CONTENTS (English/Spanish)

Towards a Neo-Cosmopolitan Architecture in the Age of V.U.C.A. Dominic Leong

GENERATORS: The Complexity of Anticipation. Aurora Fernández Per

Sport and Cultural Centre. Paris (France)

Studio Muoto
Urban Condenser. Paris-Saclay (France)

Urban-Think Tank
Fábrica de Cultura: BAQ. Barranquilla (Colombia)
Fábrica de Cultura: Grotao. São Paulo (Brazil)

JAJA Architects
Park and Play. Copenhagen (Denmark)

LINKERS: The Complexity of Continuous Presence. Aurora Fernández Per

Sala Beckett International Drama Centre. Barcelona (Spain)

V+, Rotor
MAD Brussels. Brussels (Belgium)

Exhibition Display System for Species of Spaces at MACBA. Barcelona (Spain)
110 Rooms. Collective Housing. Barcelona (Spain)

MIXERS: The Complexity of Everyday Life. Javier Mozas

De Smet Vermeulen architecten
Linker Oever Intergenerational Project (IGLO), Antwerp (Belgium)

Leong Leong, Killefer Flammang, Pamela Burton.
Anita May Rosenstein Campus - The Los Angeles LG BT Center. Los Angeles, CA (USA)

STORYTELLERS: The Complexity of Context. Javier Mozas

NLarchitects / BeL Sozietät für Architektur
Spielbudenplatz Urban Plan. Spielbudenplatz Plot 1. St Pauli, Hamburg (Germany)

feld72 architekten
Spielbudenplatz Plots 2 and 5.
St Pauli, Hamburg (Germany)



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