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Why Density? (18)
- March 5, 2009. 09:00
imagen blog

On the edges of the current city, on an arid gypsum landscape, rapidly rises the extension of the Vallecas district. This urban planning project is part of an ambitious, voracious, anodyne enlargement operation that within a few years will have Madrid’s municipal area to the brim. This hostile fact has served as a reagent, with Ecosistema Urbano drawing up a proposal for an ecological boulevard, project published in The Public Chance. Winner of a competition organized by Madrid’s City Hall, the proposal calls for the building of three large cylinders along the boulevard, one of which has already gone up. The cylinders are to serve as catalysts of public life, thereby improving the generally poor quality of public space in city extensions of this kind.

- May 29, 2008. 16:08
imagen blog

Article written by Martin Musiatowicz

For over two decades something has been stirring on Melbourne’s water’s edge. Ever since the setting out of Melbourne’s city grid in 1837, which was aligned to the Yarra River at the meeting point of the salt waters of Port Philip Bay and the freshwater of the river, the city has been denied direct access to the water.

- May 27, 2008. 16:30
imagen blog

Article written by Carlos García Vázquez

Public space and contemporary urban logic Literature specializing in urban studies has for over a decade now been tackling a phenomenon that is radically altering the way we perceive and live in our cities: the crisis of public space.

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