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Steidle + Partner. Housing. Munich

November 27, 2009

Steidle + Partner. Housing. Munich

The residential complex is composed of four buildings between Genterstrasse, Peter-Paul Althausstrasse and Osterwaldstrasse. Otto Steidle (1943-2004) finished the first of these, in Genterstrasse, in 1972, where his studio is located.

For the design of each building he worked with different collaborators and the building solutions evolved with time, although all are based on the use of prefabricated elements and on a clear distinction between loadbearing and non-loadbearing systems. The use of industrialised systems achieves an osmosis between the buildings and the surrounding vegetation.

Photos taken by a+t research group.

Steidle + Partner
Genterstrasse, 13
Munich, 1972

Facade of the first building, constructed in Genterstrasse. Seven residential units, two of which were turned into office units housing the Steidle + Partner studio

Reinforced concrete skeleton with corbels on every half storey

The frame allows later modifications

View form the main access from Genterstrasse

Different cladding systems

Otto Steidle designed this work following the principles of the SAR (Stichting Architecten Research), the foundation, created in 1965 in Eindhoven by Nicholas John, aimed at returning the control over design and the evolution to the users

Interior facade of the Genter Strasse building

Interior space between buildings, which is accessed directly from Genterstrasse and Peter-Paul Althausstrasse by passageways

The height difference leads to a low-level courtyard with access to the parking garages

The system used in this building, called Elementa, is a simplified system of columns, downstand beams and ceiling panels. In this case the prefabricated wet cores provide the necessary structural stability

Waterproofing work on one of the terraces

Facade of the building on Peter-Paul Althausstrasse, constructed in the third phase. The structure does not appear in the facade. It is composed of columns and ceiling panels, with prefabricated wall panels and wet cores used for bracing

Access to the courtyard from Peter-Paul Althausstrasse

Detail of the dowstand beams



Herzog & de Meuron. Five courtyards. Munich
Herzog & de Meuron. Five courtyards. Munich
Fink + Jocher. Student Hall of Residence. Garching. Munich
Fink + Jocher. Student Hall of Residence. Garching. Munich
Florian Nagler. Kirchenzentrum. Munich-Riem
Florian Nagler. Kirchenzentrum. Munich-Riem


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