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Urban forms of collective housing

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June 30, 2016

FORM&DATA <br> Urban forms of collective housing

The latest a+t research group publication, FORM&DATA, classifies and relates generic urban forms with the specific urban forms of 20 collective housing projects. 

The generic urban forms are theoretical examples, located on a one-hectare, 100m by 100m, plot.

The specific urban forms are those which act on the generic forms in order to adapt the latter to the unique requirements of each project. The top image shows the action: carve.

Furthermore, FORM&DATA compares and relates all the specific forms in terms of the floor areas and approaches to land occupation.


use of land collective housing projects


collective housing projects book



FORM&DATA. An anatomical review of collective housing buildings
FORM&DATA. An anatomical review of collective housing buildings
FORM&DATA <br> Collective Housing Projects
Collective Housing Projects


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