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Time builds!

December 11, 2008

Formulated in 1967, the PREVI Experimental Housing Project in Lima is one of the most ambitious experiments in social housing ever built, not only for the number of variables proposed but also because it brought together, for the first time, such outstanding figures on the architectural scene of the time as Aldo van Eyck, Charles Correa, James Stirling, Christopher Alexander, Atelier 5, Fumihiko Maki, Candilis, Josic and Woods, among others. With their proposals for low−density, progressive housing they jointly debated various ways of creating the city in a context of limited resources and urgent urbanisation.

A study of PREVI after more than three decades since its formulation seeks not only to salvage the original construction along the lines of an 'archaeological' survey, which reclaims the authorial oeuvre hidden behind the constant interventions on the part
of its occupants, but aims to call into question the idea of housing as a habitational solution, the role of the architect in the process and the materials of the design as scarce resources. To salvage the idea of neighbouring units, the rapport between
public and communal space, the values and possibilities of a more open city planning and the different family structures against the actual standardisation of the user.

EquipoArquitectura (EqA) is a team founded in 2003 by the Chileans Fernando García−Huidobro and Nicolás Tugas, and the Peruvian Diego Torres Torriti, all of them graduate architects of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. This book is the
outcome of the work that first brought them together. Since then, they have worked in publicising the PREVI research as well as in private project design, investigation and teaching. Fernando García−Huidobro and Diego Torres Torriti form part of the ELEMENTAL team, a 'doing tank' devoted to the developing of projects of social interest and public impact in Chile: social housing, urban equipment, state schools and other urban projects. Nicolás Tugas currently works at CCRS arquitectes, a Barcelona office devoted to different scales of urbanism.

Time builds!
EquipoArquitectura (EqA)
160 pp, 27 x 19 cm



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