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Patricia García - May 13, 2014. 17:00
imagen blog en

Photo: Luuk Kramer

This project is part of an archipelago in the most eastern part of the Water-area at Ypenburg The Hague (more about this area in a+t 19). It consists of 120 single-family-houses and 8 group houses for mentally and physically handicapped people. The project is based on the urban development schedule of the architectural office MVRDV, (more...)

Patricia García - April 11, 2013. 09:55
imagen blog

All four issues of the a+t magazine Density series are the start of a+t research group's investigation on housing. Density I, II, III and IV, which printed version is sold out, are now available in digital version in Zinio. See a+t at Zinio.com

Patricia García - April 23, 2012. 09:35
imagen blog

Schots 1 & 2 could be seen as a contemporary reading of the 'Megaform'. This is a large complex system that extends horizontally capable of inflecting the existing urban landscape...

Project available in pdf

Patricia García - April 19, 2012. 09:45
imagen blog

Throughout its 20 year history, a+t magazine has published an essential collection of architectural articles and projects.

Most of the issues containing them are now out of print regarding the print version so as a result a+t architecture publishers have decided to retrieve all this material which gives a view of recent architecture and to facilitate pdf access.

Patricia García - January 5, 2011. 09:20

Author of the video: blogactivpras
Project published in Density. Condensed edition and a+t magazine n. 22 Density IV

- December 10, 2008. 18:00
imagen blog


a+t offers through our web page the projects included within the issues of the Density series  (a+t 19, 20, 21 y 22) that where sold out on paper.

Each project is shown in full detail, and may be downloaded individually in PDF format, for 0.99 euro.

- May 27, 2008. 10:30
imagen blog

Article written by Xavier González

Blue eyes or brown, blonde hair or black, fair or dark skin –the details of the famous doll change to facilitate local identification for kids. But beyond the slight differences, Barbie’s body doesn’t change: the matrix stays the same. And if her vital statistics recall (in miniature, metric) those of Naomi Campbell (86-58-81) or Claudia Schiffer (96-62-92), before anything else her body represents a model: the universal sublimation of the standard young woman and her charms.

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