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The Experience of Exteriority


The Experience of Exteriority

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ISSN 1132-6409

ISBN 978-84-09-47577-3


120 Pages

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sample-online-versionThe different degrees of domestic exteriority were modulated over time through openings or closures, with one defining moment, when the envelope was released from its load bearing functions.

From a distance, the modernist façade has multi­ple readings and Le Corbusier’s thick diaphragmed ‘fourth wall’ is not the same as Mies’ fine curtain wall.

Contemporary domesticity plays with the creation of thresholds to extend the liveable domain outside the envelope.

The three-dimensionality facilitates the construction of liveable spaces within a thick façade.


CONTENTS (English/Spanish)

Elogy for the loggia. A Liveable Domain Outside the Envelope.
Javier Mozas.

Generosity. Housing Design Strategies. The Experience of Exteriority.
Aurora Fernández Per.

Intermediating with the Surrounding Landscape.
Caruso St John Architects. Apartment Buildings, Eggen. Lucerne (Switzerland) 2018-

Adding Character to the Façade.
Caruso St John Architects. Falconhoven Apartment Building. Antwerp (Belgium) 2014-2020.

Creating a Loggia.
Caruso St John Architects. Lakeside Apartment Buildings. Arbon (Switzerland) 2016–2022.

Redefining Urban Living.
Atelier Kempe Thill. Zuiderplein. Antwerp (Belgium) 2016-2019.

Working at three Scales.
Pau Vidal, Vivas Arquitectos. La Chalmeta. Barcelona (Spain) 2017-2022.

Being at the Threshold between Inside and Outside.
Henley Halebrown. Wilmott Court. Frampton Park Estate, London (United Kingdom) 2013-2021.

Assembling around the Courtyards.
Schneider Studer Primas. Cooperative Housing Holunderhof. Zurich-Oerlikon (Switzerland) 2012-2018.

Balancing Affordability and Space.
Studio Woodroffe Papa. Dockley Apartments. London (United Kingdom) 2020-2022.

Growing Upward and Outward.
Mia2. Stadthaus Lederergasse. Linz (Austria) 2017-2020.

Reinterpreting the Milanese gallery House.
ITCHstudio + Vincenzo Di Salvia. Blue Moon. Milan (Italy) 2019-2021.

Reproducing the Best of Both Worlds.
MVRDV, FLINT. Ilot Queyries. Bordeaux (France) 2017-2021.

Minimizing the Presence of Architecture.
Duncan Lewis - Scape Architecture. EKKO. Bordeaux (France) 2017-2021.

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