Aguinaga y Asociados Arquitectos (1)
Alegoría del patrimonio (1)
Alejandro de la Sota (1)
Aridscapes (1)
Atlas pintoresco. Vol.2: los via (1)
Time builds! (1)
Baena Casamor Arquitectos (1)
Concurso 2G. Parque de la Laguna de Venecia (1)
Constructing Landscape (1)
De cosas urbanas (1)
Delirio de Nueva York (1)
Eduardo Souto de Moura. Conversaciones con estudiantes (1)
El parque del agua. Exposición Internacional de Zaragoza 2008 (1)
Espacios verdes para una ciudad (1)
EXCEPTO 17. Burgos & Garrido (1)
EXCEPTO 18. Manuel Ocaña (1)
EXCEPTO 21. Gálvez+Wieczorek (1)
Frei Otto. Conversación con Juan María Songel (1)
From Agit-Prop to Free Space: The Architecture of Cedric Price (1)
Grading for Landscape Architects (1)
Green Dream.. How Future Cities Can Outsmart Nature (1)
Greetings from Europe. 010 Publishers (1)
Guía básica de sostenibilidad (1)
Hilberseimer y Mies. La metrópo (1)
La Arquitectura como Técnica (1)
La cabaña de Heidegger (1)
Las medidas en arquitectura (1)
Louis I. Kahn. Mi arquitecto (1)
Luis Barragán frente al espejo (1)
Material Index '09 (1)
New Towns for the 21st Century (0)
Nordic Architects Write (1)
Optimistic Architecture Yearbook (2)
Project International (1)
Raumplan versus plan libre (1)
Ser Artificial. José Ballesteros (1)
Spacematrix (1)
The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture (1)
The Image and the Region - Makin (1)
The Strange Death of Architectur (1)
Un lugar a la sombra. Charles Correa (1)
Un Vitruvio ecológico (1)
Urban Building Blocks (1)
Urbanalización. Paisajes comunes, lugares globales (1)
VSE. La Vivienda Social en Europa "Alemania, Francia y Paises Bajos desde 1945" (1)
Book review - October 27, 2010. 10:25

The architectural studio Aguinaga y Asociados, a reference in the history of contemporary Madrid, is publishing its selected works from 1970 to 2010.

Archived in: Aguinaga y Asociados Arquitectos
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Book review - July 28, 2010. 09:45

Spacematrix explores the potential of urban density as a tool for urban planning and design. The authors’ fascination with density is driven by the desire to understand the relational logic between density, urban form and performance.

Archived in: Review Spacematrix
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Book review - June 8, 2010. 10:50

There is confusion about what green means for design, architecture and urbanism. Winy Maas asserts that green projects are still disconnected efforts which fail to attain the scale of the interventions that are actually called for. Green is fashionable, but its design potentials remain unexplored.

Book review - May 28, 2010. 09:35

Edited by the French Touch collective, the third edition of the Optimistic Archietcture Yearbook brings an ambitious overview on one year of pop and uninhibited contemporary architecture in France.

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