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Strategy Space


Strategy Space

Landscape Urbanism Strategies

a+t 37

ISSN 1132-6409

ISBN 978-84-615-2923-0

English/Español (23.5x32)

168 Pages

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The number 37 of a+t magazine, entitled STRATEGY SPACE. Landscape Urbanism Strategies, is the second issue of the STRATEGY series. 12 works of urban landscaping, all built, are analyzed regarding the strategies identified in each one.

The Strategy series initiates a new way of approaching the project, in which the method is as visible as the result.


... “A surplus of space provides new possibilities. A dearth of long-term options for repurposing is replaced by the ephemeral activities of interested parties who have little capital to spare. They experiment with new uses and forms of cooperation, create social interactions, and give new cultural meaning to what was found there. Not every space will find interested parties, and [some of] the fleeting actions are of limited duration. Still, sometimes they represent seeds for longer-term developments”.

-Phillipp Oswalt, Shrinking Cities: Volume 2(1)

One rarely associates struggling post-industrial Detroit, Cleveland, Manchester, Liverpool, Halle, or Leipzig with the cosmopolitan global metropolis of Madrid. Yet, as of the autumn of 2008 Madrid, and much of Spain for that matter, has been facing a widespread condition of massive over-urbanization and vacancy brought on by nearly two decades of untamed real estate speculation and highly lubricated credit that suddenly went dry with the global financial collapse of that year2. The result is vast and numerous territories of incomplete and unoccupied real estate development at the periphery of established cities like Madrid, as well as entirely new dormitory towns well outside of these conurbations without a commensurate population and revenue stream to occupy and support them. In many cases, building foundations, train platforms, public parks and vehicular roadways have been left incomplete or abandoned, producing the vaguely familiar markings of attempts at urbanization, like giant Druid crop-circles on the Iberian landscape...



"This level of organization may be more helpful for the editors than the readers, but the more one uses the book the more it all helps to create a mental map through the strategies". John Hill, A Daily Dose of Architecture

"Landscape Urbanism is the new black in architecture and this magazine, part of a+t strategy series, has heads turning". Archdaily.com

"Material obligado de referencia para estudiantes y practicantes". Pilar Pinchart, Skfandra

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