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Urban Park Strategies

a+t 52

ISSN 1132-6409

ISBN 978-84-09-09880-4


120 Pages

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Increasingly, and at a faster pace, nature becomes culture and as this occurs, so continues the construction of an increasingly artificial and imaginary paradise lost.

The paradises of today are those public spaces where multiple spiritual postures fit, where each one is built while experiencing them.

Javier Mozas traces a walk in search of paradise, through 5 historical models, starting in the 17th Century and ends at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Aurora Fernández Per identifies and analyses within the selected works design strategies and actions with which to create accessible paradises for the citizen.

The STRATEGY series, initiated in 2010, defines scalar scopes, evidences disciplinary origins and composes a grid that overlaps the project to offer a new vision of it.


CONTENTS (English/Spanish)

A WALK IN SEARCH OF PARADISE. Javier Mozas          

The Themed Walk

The Leasowes. William Shenstone. Halesowen. West Midlands (United Kingdom), 1743.

Nature as Bearer of Meaning

Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau. René-Louis de Girardin, Jean-Marie Morel. Ermenonville (France), 1763-1774.

The Public Park as a Lung

Birkenhead Park. Joseph Paxtont. Birkenhead (United Kingdom), 1843-1847.

Repairing the Territory

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Jean-Charles Adolphe Alphand, Jean Darcel. Paris (France), 1867.

The Open Space System

The Emerald Necklace. Frederick Law Olmsted. Boston (USA), 1878-1896.


STRATEGIES & ACTIONS. Aurora Fernández Per

Regenerating Ecosystems

Z+T Studio Landscape Architecture. Aranya Park. Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao (China).

Enhancing Resilience

Swa/Balsley, Weiss/Manfredi, Arup. Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park. Queens, New York (USA).

Structuring the Territory with Plantations

Michel Desvigne Paysagiste. Parc aux Angeliques. Bordeaux (France).

Applying a Generator Matrix

Enota, Spicy Garden. Koper Central Park. Koper (Slovenia).

Activating Interstitial Spaces

Public Work. The Bentway Park. Toronto (Canada).

Managing Rainwater and Seasonality

Atelier Jacqueline Osty & Associés. Parc Martin Luther King. Paris (France).

Blurring the Limits

Agence Ter Paysagistes. Grand Parc de Saint-Ouen. Saint-Ouen, Paris (France).

Mitigating Human-wildlife Conflict

Territoires, Ch. H. Tachon. Grand Voyeux Natural Reserve. Congis-sur-Thérouanne, Seine et Marne (France).

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