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The Interaction within the Living Space


The Interaction within the Living Space

a+t 59

ISSN 1132-6409

ISBN 978-84-09-57984-6


120 Pages

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Community architecture deploys imaginative and hopeful methods to navigate against the mainstream. It is an alternative architecture built with basic means, constructions which are appearing in numerous cities stressed by an inclement market, where the population is finding it increasingly difficult to access housing.

How do we interact with others within contemporary habitable space, and how do we face together a more equitable and sustainable future?

These are some of the questions raised in a+t 59, The Interaction within the Living Space, the last issue of the GENEROSITY series, dedicated to collective housing.

This volume includes twelve works of cooperative housing, which respond to the 4 conditions that contribute to a design based on Generosity: Indeterminacy, Exteriority, Privacy, and Interactivity.

CONTENTS (English/Spanish)

The Reasons for Living Together.
Javier Mozas.

Generosity. Housing Design Strategies. The Interaction Within the Living Space.
Aurora Fernández Per.

Linking Housing and Neighbourhood.
Heide & von Beckerath. Spiegelfabrik. Fürth (Germany) 2016-2021.

Asking and Answering Faqs
Arge Summacumfemmer Büro Juliane Greb. San Riemo. Munich (Germany) 2017-2020.

Inhabiting a Wine Warehouse.
Esch Sintzel Architekten. Conversion of a Wine Storage into Housing. Lysbüchel Süd, Basel (Switzerland) 2018-2023.

Counteracting the Anonymity of the City.
Atelier Neume. Dirty Harry. Lysbüchel, Basel (Switzerland) 2018-2022.

Merging Lifestyles and Sharing Benefits.
Stereo Architektur. The Abakus. Lysbüchel, Basel (Switzerland) 2018-2021.

Anticipating a Flexible Lifetime.
Praeger Richter Architekten. Ausbauhaus Südkreuz. Berlin-Schöneberg (Germany) 2019-2022.

Shared Living is Also Living.
ectv Architecten. Cohousing Jean. Sint-Amandsberg, Ghent (Belgium) 2015-2022.

Confronting the Impact of Personal Choices on the Project.
OFFICEU Architects. Cohousing De Sijs. Geldenaaksebaan, Leuven (Belgium) 2016-2022.

Highlighting the Joy of Everyday Life.
Plan Común. Maison Commune. Pantin, (France) 2021-2023.

Giving Shape to the Desire for Togetherness.
Atelier de l’Ourcq. Six Housing Units with Shared Spaces. Romainville (France) 2020.

Creating an Inclusive and Protective Environment.
OJT. Bastion. New Orleans (United States) 2014-2020.

Meeting the Cohousing Market Needs.
Productora. Cohousing Denver. Denver, Colorado (United States) 2021.

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