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The Challenge of Privacy in Collective Housing


The Challenge of Privacy in Collective Housing

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sample-online-versionCurrently, electronic devices transport the self to virtual realities, blur public with private, even the innermost, and provide a foretaste of a different domestic spatiality. Facing this challenge, and taking a resistant stance, architecture turns its gaze to the recent past and is capable of constructing a privacy in which materiality still preserves its full evocative power.

The third volume of the GENEROSITY series is dedicated to delving into how this privacy is built in the collective housing environment. Stephen Bates signs an extensive article on new architectural options for living together, Javier Mozas summarizes in five points the benefits of a home in which it is possible to achieve domestic happiness and Aurora Fernández Per compares the strategies to improve privacy followed by 8 selected projects.


CONTENTS (English/Spanish)

The Challenge of Privacy in Collective Housing.
Javier Mozas.

Collective Domestic. Reflections on Collective Living and the Big House of many Rooms.
Stephen Bates.

Generosity. Housing Design Strategies. The Challenge of Privacy in Collective Housing.
Aurora Fernández Per.

Creating a ‘Society of Rooms’.
Sergison Bates Architects. Mansion Block. Hampstead, London (United Kingdom) 2014-2021.

Secluding in Collective Housing.
Sergison Bates Architects. Courtyard Housing. Lavender Hill, London (United Kingdom) 2016-2021.

Turning the General into the Specific.
Förstberg Ling. Twelve Houses. Sorgenfri, Malmö (Sweden) 2019-2022.

Contrasting Spaces for Privacy and Intimacy.
So – Il. 450 Warren. Brooklyn (USA) 2018-2021.

Getting Over the Threshold of Private and Shared Space.
Peris + Toral Arquitectes. 42 Social Housing in Son Servera. Majorca (Spain) 2009-2022.

Equating the Bedroom to the Living-Room.
Peris + Toral Arquitectes. 43 Social Housing in Ibiza. Ibiza (Spain) 2018-2022.

Filtering Public and Private Settings.
Peris + Toral Arquitectes. 54 Social Housing in Bon Pastor. Barcelona (Spain) 2015-2021.

Linking Equal-Sized Rooms.
H Arquitectes. Social Housing 1737. Gavà, Barcelona (Spain) 2017-2022.


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