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Serie Generosity


Serie Generosity

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The GENEROSITY series is dedicated to the design of collective housing. After the Density series, which warned about the importance of living in a compact and balanced environment, the second series of a+t magazine dedicated to housing is committed to the generosity of design, which translates into strategies identified in four groups:

  • Indeterminacy Strategies: focused on enhancing spatiality and flexibility.
  • Strategies of Exteriority: aimed at improving the relationship with the environment.
  • Privacy Strategies: aimed at building a protected place of their own.
    Interactivity strategies: capable of promoting interrelation and cohesion between residents.
  • Interactivity Strategies: capable of promoting interrelation and cohesion between residents.

The first issue of the series, The Indeterminacy of the Plan, highlights the advantages of modulation and the connection between homogeneous and neutral rooms.

The second issue, The Experience of Exteriority, emphasizes the qualities of the domestic exterior spaces and the possibilities of the three-dimensional façade.

The third issue of the series, The Challenge of Privacy in Collective Housing, delves into the keys to a home that protects privacy and at the same time relates without conflict with its environment.

The fourth and last volume is dedicated to Interaction Strategies, capable of promoting interrelationships and cohesion between residents of cooperative housing.

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