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Abstraction  and Responsibility


Abstraction and Responsibility

a+t 60

ISSN 1132-6409

ISBN 978-84-09-62023-4


120 Pages

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sample-online-versionFrugality means less material, less energy, less expense, greater respect for the environment, greater constructive sincerity, and greater social honesty.

Frugality is not imposed by social or cultural movements, or even by political transformations. It is the pure awareness of the moment of restriction and deprivation that conditions the way of acting. Frugality is dismantling the iconic and symbolic character of architecture. It imbues it with a basic rationality, a new classicism without style, standardised technology, and programmatic flexibility.

The first issue of this new series is entitled Abstraction and Responsibility, the essential features of this frugal architecture whose sole aim is to become a structure-shelter of life.

CONTENTS (English/Spanish)

Javier Mozas.

A Third Place. 
E53 Phase 1. Gardouch, (France) 2023.

Standards and Crafts.
E54. Montjoire, (France) 2023.

The Frugality of the Cell.
A6a, Cetab, Borteq.
La Roca. Bordeaux (France) 2023.

Habitat Évolutif.
A6a, Berim.
Volumes Capables. Bordeaux (France) 2023.

A Celebration of the Ordinary.
Clauss Kahl Merz Atelier.
Lyse-Lotte. Basel (Switzerland) 2021-2023.

The Abstraction of the Grid.
Rental Social Housing. Sànt Feliu de Llobregat (Spain) 2018-2023.

‘Good Form’.
Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter.
Codan. Køge (Denmark) 2023.

Reducing the Creative Process.
Enter Museum. Derendingen (Switzerland) 2020-2023.

Withdrawing Resources.
Felippi Wyssen Architects.
Housing in Oetlingerstrasse. Basel (Switzerland) 2019-2023.

Open Systems.
Vivas Arquitectos.
Sant Gervasi Residential Centre for Emergency Accommodation. Barcelona (Spain) 2023.

Adjustment Mechanisms.
Dataae + Xavier Vendrell Studio.
Social Housing in Turó del Sastre. Mongat (Spain) 2020-2022.

Geometry as a Tool.
Dataae + Xavier Vendrell Studio.
Social Housing in Sant Just. Sant Just Desvern (Spain) 2021-2023.

The Rules of Composition.
Narch + Maira Arquitectes + Dataae.
Social Housing in Trinitat Nova. Barcelona (Spain) 2021-2023.

Looking for the Abstraction.
Clauss Kahl Merz Atelier.

We Believe in an Iterative Process.
Johansen Skovsted.

Our Species of Spaces.
Claudi Aguiló (Dataae) + Joan Ramon Pascuets.

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