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Density Series


Density Housing Construction & Costs

ISBN 978-84-613-3080-5

Density Series

Aurora Fernández Per, Javier Mozas, Javier Arpa

Soft cover. (23,5 x 17cm)


464 Pages

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The volume published by a+t forms part of the Density series, dedicated to the analysis of collective housing.

HoCo is noted for including construction systems within the field of study and comparison, besides the costs of each project:

• Comparative analysis of 32 collective housing projects.
• Build cost per square metre comparison.
• Sustainability strategies followed in each project.
• Comparison of density and its implementation in the context.
• 66 construction details analyzed, compared and arranged by facades and roofs.






... The lament is generalised. The crisis is downsizing architectural studios, devastating technical offices and removing many construction companies from the yellow pages.
A change of cycle is being produced which will starve off all the superfluous fat lubricating the property business.

In the early years of the 20th Century, Henry Ford spoke of the rationality of the production process and justified the extreme proximity of his machines in the production plant -greater than that of any other company in the world-, for an unnecessary separation of only six inches would end up passing on extra costs to the consumers. Fordism fattened Western consumption and flooded the market with mass-produced products, feeding a body which grew and grew in volume until the petroleum crisis of the seventies...



"Presents the primarily European examples of completed housing on their own terms, within the framework of a+t's consistent and high-quality graphic design and drawing standards". John Hill, A Daily Dose of Architecture

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