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Density Series


ISBN 978-84-617-9436-2

Density Series

a+t research group

55 cards (13x8 cm / 5x3 in)

English / Español

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50 Urban Blocks is the first in a collection of flash cards aimed to simplify architectural design. This first set of cards contains 50 new examples of how to design a block, how to organize space and ultimately how to build the city.

Each 13 x 8 cm double-sided card proposes a possible urban form including measurements and data on density in the city. Units are in feet&metres.

Their reduced size and individual format mean that it is possible to lay out the 50 urban forms proposed in the pack all at once in front of you. This means that the architect can compare, order and disorder the cards so as to select the ones which best adapt to his scenario and combine the different forms to design his project.

The collection of flash cards is especially useful for students and young architects looking for inspiration in their first approach to an architectural project.

Gruyere Urban Block

Example: front and back of a card


Sculpted Urban Block

Example: front and back of a card




This pack of cards contains:

50 Ways to build the city
50 Options for occupying an urban block
50 Reflections on land use
50 Ways to combine urban forms
50 Alternatives for organizing solids and voids
50 Guidelines for growth and expansion
50 Examples of how to relate to the setting
50 Types of co-existence
50 Strategies for organizing space
50 Scenarios for gross floor areas
50 Indicators for floor area ratio
50 Indexes for coverage
50 Densities classified by grades
50 Intensities which can exist side by side
50 Attempts to obtain the ideal urban block
50 Cards suggesting...
    An infinite number of ways to imagine the city. 


Learn to Design an Urban Block With This Set of 50 Cards. "We know perfectly well that learning in architecture and urbanism can take on multiple forms. Just think of all the modeling, drawing, plans, theoretical classes, workshops, 3D models and even virtual reality exercises. In this same line, the team at a+t architecture publishers have put together a collection of cards that seek to facilitate the designing of an urban block with 50 design styles." Archdaily

Cards of the Moment. "I could see the 50 Urban Blocks being particularly helpful for students as well as young architects in need of some ideas on how to move forward with a project." John Hill, Archidose

'50 urban blocks’ offers inspiration for stumped city designers. "The cards were created as a thinking tool, offering up alternatives and inspiration for architecture and city planning projects. The fact that the forms are displayed on cards (as opposed to, say, the pages of a bound book) makes them easy to lay out, pin up, group, compare, and debate." Barbara Eldredge, Curbed

"50 Urban Blocks is the first in a collection of designing cards (available in English and Spanish) aimed to simplify architectural design, by a+t architecture publishers. This first set of cards contains 50 examples of how to design a block, how to organize space and ultimately how to build the city." Anastasia Tokmakova, Archinect

Dichte-Spiel. "Die spanische Plattform a+t (aplust) gibt ein Kartenset heraus, mit dem sich die Dichte unterschiedlicher Typologien von städtischen Blöcken oder blocks spielerisch erfahren lässt." Inge Beckel, Swiss-architects.com

Aprende a diseñar una manzana urbana con este set de 50 cartas. "Sabemos perfectamente que en la arquitectura y el urbanismo el aprendizaje puede adquirir múltiples formatos: piensa en todas tus maquetas, dibujos, planos, clases teóricas, talleres, modelos 3D y hasta en ejercicios de realidad virtual. En esa misma línea, la editorial a+t architecture publishers ha lanzado 50 Urban Blocks, una baraja de cartas que busca facilitar el diseño de una manzana urbana a través de 50 tipologías arquitectónicas." Plataforma Arquitectura

"Puede ser un regalo muy original para jóvenes arquitectos y estudiantes que busquen inspiración en los primeros pasos de sus proyectos urbanísticos." Luis Sánchez Blasco, Cosas de Arquitectos

"Su pequeño tamaño y formato individual permite desplegar ante sí y de una sola vez las 50 formas urbanas que propone la baraja. Así, el arquitecto puede compararlas, ordenarlas y desordenarlas, para escoger aquellas que mejor se adapten a su escenario y combinar las diferentes formas para diseñar su proyecto." Alberto Alonso, Veredes

Aprenda a projetar uma quadra urbana com este baralho de 50 cartas. "Sabemos perfeitamente que na arquitetura e no urbanismo, o aprendizado pode se dar de muitas formas: pense em suas maquetes, desenhos de observação, desenhos técnicos, aulas teóricas, ateliês, modelos virtuais 3D e até exercícios em realidade virtual. Nessa mesma linha, a editora a+t architecture publishers publicou 50 Urban Blocks, um baralho de cartas que busca facilitar o projeto de quadras urbanas através de 50 tipologias." Romullo Baratto, Archdaily.com.br

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